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Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike. It is the holding company for the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, 8.33% of the German football club Bayern München, and Runtastic, an Austrian fitness technology company. Adidas' revenue for 2018 was listed at €21.915 billion.

An angry former employee said "Horrible stressful place with no care for their employees. Super unorganized structure. Management doesn't care or help you succeed. Unclear goals and purpose. Money hungry, doesn't care about the employees. No core values or mission to help others or communities. Do not work at Adidas".


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Many sections act as their own island in direct opposition to the company culture. Once you land in a section like this getting out can be extremely difficult."

Current Employee - Manager says

"New leadership has caused a toxic environment. Lack of clear direction and coordination, it is chaotic. Only focused on the quarterly results. No focus on long term health of the company and its employees."

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"Political, doesn’t listen to employees, all fake"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Best Cover-Up on Harassment proved with evidence and when voiced loud you will be punished so badly either through no logical reason or stating some lame excuses dinging in your annual bonus Employee Pulse check (Internal Feedback Form) is a JOKE and bureaucratic internal process/policies Pay is way below market standard Cost centers are often abused by senior management/cost center in-charge hence No growth/development program made available for employee as part of department budget"

Former Employee - 3D Artist says

"Low professional. Heavy drinking. Both during and after work hours. Interpersonal office affairs. Extramarital affairs. Very little ethics. No emphasis on ethics of any kind. I expect same bad week as uber soon."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Incredibly unstable company, with high rotation of personnel, constantly using all kind of dirty tricks to try to set their costs low. IT is a sweatshop with many people being burnt out due to extreme expectations. There are all these positive review here that are perhaps made by the HR, but I cannot imagine how someone can be happy at adidas under the constant threat of being made redundant. Incredibly political environment, cut throat approach for people with different opinions. If you receive an offer from them, don't bother and move along."

Director Online says

"Long unpaid overtime. Emails, phone calls, SMS's, and demands late into the weeknights and on weekends...receiving emails and requests on a Sunday for something to be presented to a group at 8am Monday morning. No respect for your personal life whatsoever. No time off in of the first things my new boss said to me was "forget your personal life, you'll be working 80 hours a week", and he was serious. Very little respect for females in management, and get used to the bullying and the ultra political culture. There are no women in management, which says a lot. If they relocate you, expect them to use the cheapest possible removals company, and expect thousands of euros in damage to your belongings that you will never get back, their insurance company will deny the claim (it's happened to me and three other adidas people that I know - this is how they operate). Don't get ill in the probation period - they will fire you - no matter how serious the illness. I was laying in hospital after a serious accident - and was fired by adidas for this - this is after I relocated from the UK at very short notice to work for them. They don't pay your way back either - you have to somehow come up with these funds yourself, after being fired and being unemployed. Despicable company, I've heard many similar stories from people. If you do accept a job with them, go into it with your eyes open, and be aware of how cold-hearted they can be, and that you are expected to sacrifice your evenings, weekends - get used to it. Do not expect help from HR, they don't care about you, they only care about looking after adidas's interests, no matter how nice they seem in your interviews. They will not help you if you have an issue. Adidas also will not pay your bonus in may get 60% of it if you are lucky - because the company is not doing well, and profits have been hit badly."

Former Employee - Compensation & Benefits Specialist says

"- You have to pay for sportsfacilities contrary to competitor Nike - You can be fired easily in probabtion period and employer does not care and sends you back to your home country without proper dismissal package contrary to NIKE EMEA. This is not mentioned upon hiring. Application policyis easy for foreigners but firing is just as easy in the probation period of six months foreign employees can be fired without a reason even by good performance mobbing is just really easy, adidas does not care about the employee afterwards as it has a strong reputation it can treat employees like trash. After the legal period of three weeks they provide you with an excellent Zeugniss as you are not able to sew anymore. - Adidas lets expats pay 50% taxes istead of 40% by not telling them in what wage tax forms they have to fill out. - Adidas has resources for Bonus Schemes but not for docking stations and there is no money for post its - No free beverages like Coffee - No flexible desks that support people with back injuries - No introduction onboarding program on the job done by colleages, the first six month adidas tests foreign employees and when unfit they send them back to the home country and no labor agency notices these pratices. - Germany has a high Tax rate 40%"

Former Employee - Product Development Manager says

"really old fashioned small town german mentality, upper management has lots of vision for change, but change on the ground is impossible."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"Policies prevent promotion Very hierarchical"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Not caring, having favorites even when they don't work hard they take advantage of the good ones there are no advancement unless your besties with managers NonNot practicing social distancing, not allowed your colorox wipes"


"adidas is the absolute worst place to work if you're at the bottom of the totem pole and you will be treated as such. There are racist and sexist managers and employees who keep up the facade of a wonderful place to work, and yet it's rotted to its core. Yes you'll get free food, some clothing/shoes, and a free membership to the gym, but it's not worth it when you're getting paid in peanuts, and treated like a slave. Fake place with fake people with no personalities. Do not fall for the gimmicks.Free clothesEverything else."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"High rate of employee and management turnover year after year.They promote internal hiring is something they look for but the development of the backfill is non existent."

No previous work experience (Former Employee) says

"Bad bad worst worst people of management very bad and worst don’t go their for work no respect for employee they just looking their benefits only not for employee"

Warehouse medewerker (Former Employee) says

"ik heb nog nooit zo slecht bedrijf mee gemaakt deze span de kroon voor al met die rijk van caamOp blasen die hapgeen"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Job would be cool if I got paid what I should but cause I got Bill's I wont leave. Managers dont help you and your always left with no systems witch makes it hard to work... you get fired for medical reason"

Putaway (Former Employee) says

"They qave me the job, Didn't give me my license for order picker after I passed the class, so I couldn't drive or operate the machine till three weeks later. Then Corona started spreading and got an alert from the Government to stay home. I called them leaving messages, so that I have my job when this blows over. They never got back at me,but claiming they did which is a total lie. Not good people."

Sorter (Former Employee) says

"Hated the job staff was rude and unprofessional. Very bad pay for the type of work that we had to do. Didn't value there employees and staff. Thank u and don't apply there"

Social Media Manager (Current Employee) says

"Super unorganized structure. Management doesn't care or help you succeed. Unclear goals and purpose. Money hungry, doesn't care about the employees. No core values or mission to help others or communities."

Ansatt (Former Employee) says

"Verste nazi stedet å jobbe . Alt er styrt og ingen frihet"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"You'd expect a global company on such a scale as this to look after it's employees... this is certainly not the case. No guidance, back up and overall bare minimum contact from Area Manager since starting. Lots of gossip, which the Area Manager gets involved in. Cannot speak for all areas of this company, but on the area that I was part of there was nothing but trouble between managers and the Area Manager was extremely unprofessional and could not handle the job that she was in. Unfortunately, this was nothing but one huge bad experience from start to finish - I ended up walking out of the job and am so pleased that I did.None- Senior Management are unsupportive and get involved in gossip"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work,all managers and bosses,supervisors are all rude no one care about you,no matter the problem they expect you to jump when ever they need something but you need something or have an appointment they don’t care so I recommend not working their!!"

Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Treated horribly. Full of temp agency workers who do not speak english. Blatant disregard for safety. No training provided. Horrible pay for the work you actually are required to do. You are just another number on payroll. This company genuinely does not care about its employees."

Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work as a salesman at the waterfront store, the environment is toxic for new employees and slow growth and learing is what in have experienced"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"For those of you looking to get in to the new wilkesbarre location here is your warning. Upper mgmt is terrible, culture is even worse, favoritism and no opportunity to advance unless you’re on the favorite side. They Don’t care about you. Only the business. If you’re looking to be miserable, talked down to, over worked and under appreciated then apply today"

asesor de ventas (Current Employee) says

"Es un poco estresante el ambiente laboral y la forma de pago y horarios excedidos, no pagan jornadas largas ni con un bono ni con un día más de descansos es muy pesado la forma de laborar."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"There is the ridiculous and the total abyss. These are the worst people ever to work 4.bad management. Long hours and lazy co-workers who stay intoxicated and stoned to tolerate the misery in this pit of a bad company.stay away!!the turnover is expected .unless you decide u are someone who loves complete misery.dont do it. you have been forewarned.NoneAll"

Satış danışmanı (Former Employee) says

"Bu firmada çalışmak tam bir rezaletti siz tam olarak bir kölesiniz satış danışmanlara değer verilmez gereğinden fazla iş yükü, satış kavgaları birbiriyle ego yarıştıran müdürler o kadar emek verir çalışırsınız sonra bir gün en ufak yanlışta istifa edin diye ulaşımı kolay olmayan bir mağazaya rotasyon verilir. Hani öyle çok para veriyor falan aldanmayın!"

VAS Labourer (Former Employee) says

"Adidas was an easy job to obtain because the amount of people they go through, They do NOT value good hard working associates. With a productivity score of over 100% they still refused to give the proper bonus with a simple well no one gets it. I feel if I earned the bonus i should be entitled to it, Was extremely frustrating doing most of the work in the VAS department and never being recognized. Poorly run very disorganized."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Adidas suck don’t work there !! They show favoritism , if you mess up one time it’s considered “lack of production” when there’s never even product. Overall just a terrible job."

MarkB says

"Bought my daughter in-store £ 50 gift voucher on 7/12/2020, which is delivered in a gift box by post plus greetings card inside. ALSO this included online £ 10/bonus card, which arrived next day by email. Two weeks later no gift box. They said i didn\'t pay. I sent bank statement. Two weeks later or so they said I paid. In mid-January the box arrived BUT the code card and the greetings card were glued together so that the activation code could not be seen. Sent them pictures. Another two weeks later - nothing. Another call - the girl said that service team reported problem solved by error and will solve it in two days. Today\'s call revealed that the complaints team is thinking about it. WOW."

Kesha Crazy says

"Been trying to get a refund or replacement for 3 weeks"

Unhappywithadidas says

"Still waiting for a refund after over month of them saying they had received my refund item. tried to speak to someone on WhatsApp - now almost daily and everyone gives a different answer for where my refund is and then cuts me off. Called four times; they say they need to escalate to a supervisor and then I never receive a response. Maybe if they didn’t outsource their entire customer service then it would be better but these people on the other end of the phone don’t give a flying toss about helping"

Becca says

"I received a pair of shoes from my husband for Christmas. I live in Maine where it's snowy/icy everyday and had not had a chance to wear my shoes (inside only for about 20 minutes) until today (1/15/21) only to realize the shoes are too big (I need to exchange for 1/2 a size smaller). I researched the return policy which states return/exchanges must be made within 90 days. My husband took advantage of a sale this fall and purchased the shoes 94 days ago (10/11/20). Because the purchase was not made between 11/17/20-1/19/21 it does not qualify as a "holiday exception". I contacted customer support via chat two times (Jamie and Eric). The chat was janky and did not work - I had to disconnect the first time when I stopped receiving responses and any new messages I sent were no longer displaying. I started a new chat and was told there is nothing they can do but offered me a 15% off voucher. Extremely disappointed in this return policy and am now stuck with a useless pair of shoes. I will not be using the 15% voucher to order more - I will NOT order from Adidas again if this is the 'support' I will receive from them."

Lavinia Puicar says

"The worst experience ever ! I’ve ordered my Yeezy and was acceptedin Ireland/Dublin. Best Christmas present.... I taught..I waited for my Order for forever and never arrived! When I called they said it’s returned back to uk and couldn’t reach Ireland because of Brexit ! Wth 😳😳. It’s fkin Adidas. They are saying that now they are sold out of course and me and my husband are out of 2 pairs of adidas now..... why are we paying the price? I tried chatting with them multiple times and they just close the chat in your face... this was our Christmas present and I am devastated. After a covid year like this when family and friends dying around you this was supposed to give me a minute of joy as my first pair of yeezy... why is Adidas not helping me fix this ? They don’t care at all?"

Embrosiaa says

"I have never had such a head ache as dealing with adidas. Ordered e gift cards had to call literally six times and message on chart four time before they would send them. Took 10 days to receive them when it was supposed to take up to 8 hours. Then they sent me a shoe that didn’t run true to size. Had to message, got disconnected by two different people, called, and then after all that they re sent me the same exact shoe size I returned for an exchange."

numpueng khaisaeng says

"Adidas customer service is suck! I call to ask about my order information. “Ashley” (customer name) she was so mean and her voice sounds like she so sleepy and this is bad experience you pay her for get bad experience from costumers? Bey"

Ralfeal Golden says

"I placed my order on 11/30/20 and it is now 1/13/21. I have called Adidas over 15 times and its the same crap. A manager will call you, no refund available, you will get package tomorrow, etc. I wish I found these reviews before ordering. This has to be the worst company I have dealt with and to be a company with a well established brand this is a big disappointment"

Court says

"I returned two items over a month ago and have yet to see a refund. I have contacted them multiple times and keep being told to wait 1-3 days. TERRIBLE service. I am out hundreds of dollars now."

Merlin says

"I ordered a backpack and it arrived looking cheaper and smaller with a different design than specified. It's laughable they tried to pass it off as the same thing. Customer service did not care. I got 2 emails 2 days in a row promising a refund but they said they were both in error and will not give me one. It's obvious they're getting cheap goods from china and charging top dollar. This company is a mess and not worth your time and money."

Brianna Allen says

"I ordered many items for my son around May 2020. They finally came months later in August 2020 in multiple packages. When I compared my products with my receipt, I noticed an item was missing. I called customer service to either send the item or refund my $40. I am a single mom and to me $40 is a lot. They gave me the run around, proceeded to say that all items were shipped and that the issue was with FedEx or whoever delivered them. I said to the guy, “so FedEx opened the box, took out ONE item, taped it back up and sent it?” That didn’t seem right...I asked to speak to a supervisor. He then took my name and number and said someone would return my call. When I asked within how long, he replied, “there’s no turn around time.” Right there I knew I’d never see my money. It’s Jan 2021 & I’m still waiting for that call. 👏🏼👏🏼 If my son didn’t like the clothes so much, I’d NEVER shop there again. HIGHLY HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED IN SUCH A BIG NAMED COMPANY!!"

Svetlana Ryan says

"I placed my FIRST ever adidas order on November 30th 2020. Money has been taken from banking account shortly after I placed order. Today is January 12th 2021. I still don't have this idem. Called customer service 3 times - it's like talking to brick wall. One representative said refund has been initiated, another said they don't refund because it has been shipped. Bottom-line: adidas took my money without giving me a product = definition of theft. I will make sure I will leave some more reviews everywhere possible and tell as many people as I know about my experience!"

John says

"Never buying anything from adidas again. I wish I could give a 0 star review. I ordered one pair of shoes on the 20th and the arrival said 24th from California and then it said 31st and after that my shoes got delayed but they were shipped back and forth to Fresno 3 times and at one point it was in Omaha Nebraska and just barely today I received them but it’s way too late now because this was a Christmas present and I’m not going to deal with sending back the shoes because god forbid it gets lost. Their support is such waste of time with generic responses. All they did was “investigate” and give me a stupid 15% code for a website I’m never ordering again."

Khoa Nguyen says

"I won a raffle on 12/5/20 and the freaking shoe that i won still somewhere in this world until now 1/10/21 over a month of delay just a pair of shoe, adidas is a good company of multiple products that i like but with the shipping process and the shipping company is just a piece of crap, i do not recommened anyone to buy online stuff thru they apps or website just go to any store that have they product such as champs or footlocker or footageaction etc...unless you buy a products and you dont need it asap and willing to wait for unlimited of time to arrived."

Kp says

"I wish I could give less than one star. Placed an order over a month ago and still don't have it. Just called customer service and they placed me on hold for 20 mins and then I got pushed to some voice service that started asking me survey questions. After answering I would unlike refer adidas to a friend, it hung up on me. Won't be ordering from them again."

Sonja R says

"Adidas customer service is the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. I order a pair of shoes for my husband on 12/2/20, it was supposed to be a Christmas present. Two weeks went by and I tried to track my order and on the Pitney Bowes website it forwarded me to, the status was “label created” nothing else. I called customer service and they indicated that they could not give me additional information on my package because they didn’t know where the package was. They advised me to wait a couple more days. I called them back 2 days before Christmas and told them that I wished to cancel my order because the tracking information had not changed it was still saying “label created when I tracked my package. The representative informed me that she could not cancel my order because it was out for delivery. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she indicated “ a supervisor was not available” but that one would get back to me in 24 hrs. That NEVER happened. It is now January 9,2021 and I still have not received the shoes I ordered. I’m so disappointed at their customer service, I got tired of waiting for my package that I just called my bank CHASE and filed a dispute and got my money back within 24 hours. I will NEVER buy anything from again!"

Anna Scann says

"Rubbish available"

Wesley Kuhne says

"Ordered 2 pairs of shoes Dec. 13th. Its now January 8th, nothing has arrived, called customer service they were rude and offered zero help, all they could tell me was that the shipment has been delayed... NS Wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor, couldn't offer an estimated arrival date, wouldn't refund my purchase, wouldn't reship items, hands down the worst customer service experience I've had in years. I will NEVER purchase from again, and to be honest, I doubt I'll ever purchase another Adidas product again, between their NAZI origins, their subtle stance against Hong Kong, and their poor customer service, I am kind of over this company. The customer service rep assured me that the shoes will arrive "one day" and that a supervisor will "call me back within 24 hours" however I have ZERO faith that either of those 2 things will happen... and now I'm out $250. Feels weird to get ripped off by a $16.5 billion dollar company, but I guess its just a sign of the times. Exploit your customers, exploit your manufactures, exploit Kanye, whatever they can do to make a buck. #BoycottAdidas"

Marcus “Co-Co” Massie says

"So I called Adidas on the phone to inform them to cancel a sneaker shoe order due to the fact it was taking a little bit longer than what I expected that was no problem no worries I then asked the agent to cancel the order in which they assured me that they did cancel the order only to find out they did not properly inform me that they cannot guarantee a cancellation and the fact that they have no way of reaching the warehouse to actually cancel the order as the agent put it to me as if she actually did contact the warehouse when in fact she did not subsequently my account got hit because of the fact the order was not canceled and you send me the shoes so now I'm facing an overdraft which I've never had an overdraft in 20 years and now behind Adidas I'm about to get an overdraft because I intentionally took the money out and bought the shoes straight up from a store which was much more convenient now I'm being inconvenience and I don't seem like I'm really getting the help that I deserve or the help that I need so in my mind we have a problem the service was a 1 poor."

Migas Braga says

"Roupa sem estilo, prefiro a siksilk "

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